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Coated Architectural Glass Market

A new and greater awareness is rapidly gaining momentum in the architectural building industry for the use of decorative glass as a sustainable, unique and modern alternative for decorative cladding and partitioning.

Coated glass has now enabled the architect / designer the ability to create feature walls and products using a sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing and functional substrate.

With a virtually unlimited range of colors, shades, and finishes, decorative coated glass is unsurpassed in its ability to offer a range of functional advantages including durability, versatility, environmentally friendly and naturally hygienic.

Applications include

* Kitchen Backsplashes * Privacy Windows
* Wall Cladding * Entry Doors
* Marker Boards * Interior Doors
* Spandrel * Elevator Cabs
* Counter Tops * Feature Walls
* Conference Tables * Shower Enclosures
* Glass Wall systems * Signage
* Glass Partitions * Decorative Mirrors
* Glass Tiles * Wardrobe Doors
* Glass Flooring * Frameless Door and Wall systems
* Shelving * Hospital and Surgery Cladding
* Cabinetry