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ESE Coatings North America is a manufacturer of specialty decorative coatings for Architectural Glass, Plastics, Composite, Wood, Bottle and Container Markets.The ESE line of Organic coating solutions for glass is an evolution of over 16 years of experience from Solvent systems and leading into a new range of sophisticated Waterborne Polyurethane solutions.

The growth and awareness of decorative glass as well as the advent and need for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, has led to the development of and consequent US manufacturing of ESE Waterborne Polyurethane Coating Systems.

ESE Coatings has customized a range of coatings for the specific requirements of individual clients and their means of production. This is achieved by developing and offering a range of quality products that can be applied by various forms of standard application equipment and machinery and also diversifying the means of curing of small batching jobs to full large scale production.


Coating applications for the following materials:

Architectural Glass

Architectural Plastic & Composites

Architectural Wood & Laminates

Architectural Metals

Decorative Bottle & Containers