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02B0 Architectural Plastic & Composite Coatings - Details ( ESE2000)





ESE Coatings North America is a manufacturer of specialty decorative coatings for the Architectural Plastics & Composites Market. The ESE line of Organic Coating solutions for glass is an evolution of over 20 years of experience from Solvent systems and leading into a new range of sophisticated Waterborne Polyurethane solutions.


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Composite & Plastic Coatings
ESE 2000 Waterborne Coating System for finishing plastics and other composite materials.

ESE Coatings North America is a US manufacturer of specialty Organic Waterborne Polyurethanes for the decoration and protection of a range of Composite, inclusive of Fiberglass, Timber, and Plastic substrates inclusive of PVCu, uPVC, ABS, Polycarbonate, Acrylics and Vinyls among other Plastics in the industry.


The Coating is a custom manufactured Waterborne Polyurethane, which has the necessary inherent properties to form a permanent bond with the Composite and Plastic surfaces. The flexibility of the coating allows for the physical changes of expansion, contraction and bending which is prevalent with these materials. The coating with its resin component will stay fully adhered to the surface for the commercial life of the product.

ESE Coatings North America specializes in working with its customer and manufacturing specialty coatings to suit the customer needs. From Color to designing Primers and Top Coats which suit the needs of the end user and the means of production they are hoping to achieve.

The Waterborne Polyurethane is a hard-abrasive free coating which is chemically resistant and offers a permanent coating to the surface of these products.

The resin system and pigmented colorants are all UV stable, giving the end user an ability to create any color and/ or shade with a 10-year warranty against degradation of the coating.  Any color is available from Opaques, Translucent, Trans parents and Metallic finishes in a range of gloss levels.

ESE Coatings North America manufactures customized Clear and Pigmented Primers for two step applications and also Primer and Top Coat systems depending on the Composite and Plastic application.

The Coating, which can be cured at both low bake temperatures and at ambient temperatures, is available for Spray, Roller and Screen Print applications.
The Waterborne Polyurethane is compatible with UV inks, which allows for a combination with UV Ink Printers to maximize production for Opacifying and speed of production.

Architectural Composite and Plastic Market

Eco – Friendly composites are slowly replacing traditional man made materials due to the many advantages, like usage of a natural resource, environmental friendliness, sustainability, lightness, carbon dioxide reduction, etc.
The use of plastics is becoming more prevalent in the construction industry due to their environmental factors such as recycling properties, efficiency, conversion to fuels, and sustainability. The market is moving quickly towards the use of renewable resources to make plastics, which will lead to greater use and further development.

ESE Coatings' range of Eco- Friendly Organic Waterborne Flexible Coatings is designed specifically for decorative use on these products. Inherent adhesive properties combined with elasticity and flexibility allow for the functional and aesthetic coating of these materials.

The advantage of using Composites and Plastics in the architectural construction industry :

  • Lightweight and strong

  • Chemically resistant

  • Tighter tolerances due to repeatable moldings

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Design Flexibility

  • Durable

  • High Performance in elevated temperatures

  • High Impact strength

These advantages have allowed the designer and architect to specify Composite and Decorative plastics for more applications. This specification has created a need for coating systems to permanently decorate the Composite and Plastic surface for smaller batch runs and to also protect the surfaces from weathering.

Range of Plastic & Composite Products

ESE Coatings 8000 Plastic series has excellent adhesive properties and can be used as a Primer / Top coat system. It has developed the ESE 8001 & ESE 8002 series for hiding issues in the plastic substrate and allowing for a superior top coat finish.


ESE 8001  Clear Primer / Sealer    

A Clear Waterborne Polyurethane is available for Plastic products which require a high build and are to be Top Coated with a Clear and / or Coating which requires a Clear Etch to maximize color. The coating is high in build but still extremely flexible for adhesion to products which require bending. The Clear Primer Coating is excellent for filling imperfections in the Plastic.  The coating can be re-coated with top coat during production and / or sanded for long term application of Top Coat.

ESE 8002 White Primer / Sealer 

A Satin White Waterborne Polyurethane for Plastic products is available for Plastic Products which require Sealing, Priming and / or Filling. The coating is high in solids with excellent sanding properties, which allow for long term and easy application of the Top Coat.


ESE 8080 Primer Top Coat Coating 

The Primer / Top coat is a Waterborne Polyurethane. It has excellent chemical resistance, is UV stable and has superior flexibility, which allows for long term adhesion on the Plastic substrate. The coating can be applied as a Primer / Top coat  and or as a Top Coat only over ESE 8001 or ESE 8002 systems.

The coating is available in a range of finishes, including Opaque, Metallic, Translucent and Transparent.


Color Matching and Technical Services

ESE Coatings' sales technicians can discuss your companies coating requirements on color and finish, while also customizing and tailoring the coating to suit your means of production.

ESE Coatings North America offers an ability to customize colors for samples, small batches and large runs in its paint manufacturing facility. Utilizing the latest spectrometer technology results, our experienced color technicians offer fast and reliable responses and turnaround to color inquiries and sampling.