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ESE Coatings North America is a manufacturer of custom designed Organic Waterborne Coatings for the decoration of Glass and Plastic Containers.

The Coatings are designed to maximize color and shade options but still offer chemical resistance with excellent adhesive properties and high abrasion and scratch resistance with a capacity when fully cured to withstand multiple dishwasher cycles.

ESE Coatings have designed its container range of coatings to be incorporated into high production filling and bottle lines. The coating is custom manufactured to be resistant to scratching and marring from filling lines to means of bulk transportation.

An unlimited range of colors and shades are available to decorate the glass and plastic container but still remain functional due to its permanent and flexible surface coating.

Opaque, Transparent, Metallic, Pearlescent and an unlimited range of Acid Etch finishes can be achieved by mixing bases with colorants to allow for high volume or small batches offering the client a unique opportunity to enhance their container decoration options.

The coating is cured at temperatures between 170 C to 190 C which provide huge energy saving costs as compared to traditional Inorganic Coatings.

ESE Coatings North America is focused on offering the market a unique range of finishes whilst maintaining and concentrating on environmentally friendly coatings which comply with the latest and most stringent guidelines.



ESE Coatings North America Container coatings are a Waterborne Organic System which are designed to adhere to Glass and Plastic Containers while still having the inherent film properties to remain scratch and marring resistant in bottle production, filling and transportation.

The coatings are UV stable and reflective enabling the coating to act as a protective film.

The Coating has excellent spray and flow characteristics enabling an even film thickness to be applied to the containers in production. Metallics, Acid Etch and Transparents can be applied with an even film allowing for less marring and scratching issues due to unevenness of coating.

The coatings are designed to be flexible in operation with the system being suitable for Conventional Spray, Vacuum and Disc Spraying. It is available in conventional and electrostatic versions, depending on production.

The resin system being used has been modified to for Low Bake and quick dry output allowing for easy production.

ESE Coatings has the flexibility to customize coatings for individual coating lines, inclusive of color, film thickness, abrasion resistance and curing times.

The system is made up of bases and colorants which allows the customer to achieve any finish for sampling and / or small batch work, or ESE Coatings can customize to the clients specific requirements in its color matching facility.

Range of Products and Finishes

ESE 0001 Clear Protective Coating - A Clear Invisible film applied to the Container surface acts as a protective coating which prevents scratching and marring of the container during filling and transportation. The coating is designed to flow evenly and is perfectly clear in appearance effectively not changing the look of the substrate surface. It is a perfect protective film which can be applied quickly and efficiently.

ESE 0002 Clear Pre and Post Print Coating -The coating as well as acting as a protective film, also can be printed on, giving the ink an excellent mode of adhesion to the container surface. This is particularly beneficial for Organic and UV Inks Printing systems.

ESE 0002 can also be used as a protective film or coating over the print to prevent delamination and / or scratching of the print during transportation and handling.



ESE 0003 Transparent Protective Coating – The protective coating can then be adjusted with a ESE Coatings UV Stable Inks to create an unlimited range of Transparent colors. The coating can duplicate the look and feel of a colored container after being sprayed on the surface.


ESE0004 Acid Etch Coating -  A coating which duplicates the look and feel of a traditional Acid Etch bottle is now achievable using ESE0004. The coating can be adjusted to any gloss level to remove the need to use outdated and environmentally unfriendly Acid Etch technology.

The White Acid Etch appearance can then be tinted to create an unlimited range of Colored Acid Etch finishes.


ESE0005 Opaque Coating -  ESE Coatings produces three white bases which can be mixed with its colorant system to match any color in an unlimited range of gloss levels. The coating is high in solids which maximizes its opacity limiting any UV light transmissions.


ESE0006 Metallic Coating  A comprehensive range of Silver bases are manufactured in varying fleck and reflection properties to enable the client to select a range of Metallic finishes.

The Silver bases can be tinted with the ESE Colorant system allowing for an unlimited collection of Metallic Colors.


ESE 0007 Pearlescent Coating – A multitude of Pearlescent Finishes are available in the ESE range.