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Quality Control

Quality control / Commitment to continuing product innovation/ Customized coating solutions

Quality Control - ESE Coatings have established stringent Quality Control procedures to guarantee consistency of quality.
Systems and processes have been incorporated to test raw materials, maintenance of equipment, paint manufacturing procedures and QC of finished products combined with a detailed and comprehensive in factory testing to provide a guarantee  of consistency of product.

Commitment to continuing product innovation

ESE Coatings mantra is to continue developing products and technology to stay in the forefront of Coatings moving into the future.
A combination of environmentally positive Coatings with superior performance is the main objective.

Customized Coating Solutions

Working closely with partners and helping solve and improve their means of production will maximize growth.

Focusing on innovation and utilizing  the latest technologies from around the world will help keep ESE Coatings partners at the forefront of their fields.
ESE Coatings strives to stay focused on innovation and working closely with its partners to engineer and tailor its Coatings to suit the needs and capabilities of its partners.

Independent Testing

Don't take our word for it, ESE has been certified for quality and performance time and time again. Read the details in these third party independent reports by Intertek and Architectural Testing.

ESE Coatings North America

ESE Coatings North America is an innovative, quality manufacturer of Environmentally friendly Water Borne coatings to promote sustainable building materials. All coatings are independently tested to meet the highest standards in architectural applications.

A North American Coating Company

With our highly skilled and experienced team, ESE Coatings North America communicates effectively with our clients to create quality, customized coatings.

Our mantra is to design and manufacture quality coatings specific to the latest in Eco - Friendly Technologies. Our coatings offer full chemical and physical resistance and are backed by relevant warranties and guarantees on performance.

ESE Coatings North America, with our own in-house marketing and design specialists, offers potential customers the available tools and branding to help facilitate their own sales through marketing to architects and designers.

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