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ESE Coatings offers a high performance series of environmentally sustainable waterborne decorative and protective coatings. Our coatings are designed for glass, plastics, wood, composites and metals. Decorative and Protective Coatings developed for finishing applications in Architectural and Container Product industries.

Decorative Architectural Coatings designed for use with Glass, Plastic, Wood, Composites, and Metals. Coatings are suitable for interior and exterior applications. With ESE Coatings system you can create a range of finishes including: translucent, transparent or opaque colors, textures, printable surfaces, protective coatings. Coatings can be applied using conventional methods and machinery widely used in production finishing machines common to industry.

Decorative Container Coatings designed for use on Glass and Plastic Containers creating beautiful finishes on products in beverage, cosmetic, and other industries for decorative packaging. ESE offers Spray Coating options for Conventional and Electrostatic Spray. Spray finish options include: translucent, transparent and opaque colors, textures, printable surfaces and protective coatings. Coatings can be applied using range of conventional spray machinery widely used in production finishing common to industry. Finish options include: translucent, transparent or opaque colors, textures, printable surfaces, protective top coats. Coatings can be applied using conventional methods and machinery widely used in production finishing machines common to industry.

ESE’s line of coating products can’t be surpassed in performance, quality, cost, service, support or delivery. Our products are guaranteed to perform, backed by a 10 year warranty for ESE qualified applicators of ESE Coating System.

With ESE North American manufacturing facility located in southeastern U.S. in Tuscaloosa Alabama, significant savings in overall transportation costs, reduction in delivery lead-times and reduction in minimum order requirements vs. imported coatings. All our products are made here in the USA!

We also have a network of regional distribution warehouses in other regions of North America. With our partner network of regional warehouses in U.S. and Canada, and other logistics support options, we are available to meet the delivery needs of your business.



Full line decorative coating system for finishing with hand spray or automatic coating machines. Created to meet the requirements for a range of finishing applications. Designed with flexibility to adapt process to a variety of factory setups.



ESE Coatings is committed to our customer’s success. Our goal as coating partner is to provide experienced advice, tools, equipment, and technical support required to ensure smooth transition from the initial order to daily production.


Bases. Colorants. Sealers. Primers. Top Coats. Texture Coatings. Specialty Finishes. Performance Additives.

Coatings can be applied using manual or automatic machinery using a variety of technologies including; Conventional Spray, Airless Spray, Roll Coat, Screen Print Press, Curtain Coat, and Vacuum Coat. Coating options include ambient air dry or force cure ovens. Coating can be cured by heat convection or IR on commercial ovens.


Independently Tested and Proven in-plant coatings system. Flexible Use. Adaptable to wide range of factory setups, and plant environments | backed by 10 year warranty


Color Matching. Pre-mixed Colors. Total Color Management(in-house). Color Matching and Mixing

ESE Color Matching Database is preloaded with thousands of standard industry color deck references, ESE Coatings Custom Color deck with 1,410 colors | Experience and Technical Support , Training | Accurate Color Matches with 48 hour turnaround | Standard Color Palette Matching | Can customize coating formulation to meet unique production requirements


Near Zero VOC’s. Zero APE’s. Zero BPE’s. Prop65 Compliant. SQAQMD Compliant. Generate no hazardous waste.

Our waterborne products require no storage and usage restrictions as does flammable paints and solvents. Also there are no expensive transportation costs for hazardous liquids.

If your company is in the process of:
  • Evaluating or setting-up finishing capability
  • Using solvent-based coatings

ESE has line of coating products that can’t be surpassed by any waterborne coatings system on the market. Coating performance, quality, pricing, delivery, product flexibility and adaptability to your production processes and capabilities cannot be beat. Computerized Color Matching, Premixing Services, in-plant Color mixing and in-house Color Management more control.

There are many good reasons to consider ESE Coatings before you make your final decision.

Coating Systems can be difficult to compare. We CAN help ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS

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