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ESE1000 is a waterborne coating system designed for decorative glass. Environmentally friendly system producing opaque, translucent, transparent, metallic and pearlescent finishes, in a full range of custom colors. ESE Coatings North America is a manufacturer of specialty coatings for Architectural Glass Market. The ESE line of Organic coating solutions for glass is an evolution of over over 20 years of experience from Solvent systems and leading into a new range of sophisticated Waterborne Polyurethane solutions. The growth and awareness of decorative glass as well as the advent and need for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, has led to the development of and consequent US manufacturing of ESE Waterborne Polyurethane Coating Systems.

ESE Coatings has customized a range of coatings for the specific requirements of individual clients and their means of production. This is achieved by developing and offering a range of quality products that can be applied by various forms of standard application equipment and machinery and also diversifying the means of curing of small batching jobs to full large scale production.

Over 20 years of experience manufacturing decorative glass coating systems.

The ESE1000 system has been tested and is guaranteed to perform with:

  • High solid content providing excellent opacity and exceptional coverage
  • Adhesion and superior mechanical and chemical properties will assure a long lasting quality finish
  • Glass coating system has been tested by independent laboratory and has excellent adhesion, and has been proven resistant to scratches as well as exposure to UV radiation, chemicals, and moisture;
  • The system has near Zero VOC and is APE-Free in content;
  • Hand or automatic spray;
  • Ambient air or force cured;
  • Suitable for use in both interior and exterior applications;
  • Tested for use in laminated glass and with digital printers.

ESE Coatings has developed a range of Organic Waterborne Polyurethanes for the specific application of architectural flat glass.The coating is suitable for Internal and External applications with UV stable resins and pigments formulated in all finishes. It is formulated to be chemically and moisture resistant and when cured creates an impermeable barrier and resistance to the elements.Cutting edge waterborne technology designed for excellent adhesion, coverage, and durability enables the coating to perform in the most extreme conditions. Our flexible polyurethane coatings are designed to endure cycles of thermal expansion and contraction, mechanical bending, water, and chemical resistance - See Independent Test reports. The high-quality coatings combined with high colorant concentrations mean low base to pigment loading ratio, which maximizes adhesion and minimizes colorant expense.The ESE Waterborne Polyurethane Glass Coatings range provides durability for the most demanding applications. The coatings flexibility is the key to its high-performance long term. The coatings have been designed to be fully cured at low bake temperatures which maximize energy efficiency and/or to cure at ambient temperatures for flexibility of production. In order to achieve a consistent and even film thickness after application, the coating has been designed to enable it to flow evenly, without sagging and mottling. This enables Translucent and Transparent finishes to be unachievable over large areas in a variety of application techniques.

ESE Coatings has developed its range of Waterborne Glass Coatings to have excellent adhesive properties with glass and plastics.
Its inherent film flexibility enables the coating to stay adhered to both the glass surface and the lamination film over varying degrees of expansion and contraction of the glass.
These properties, as well as its ability to maintain a consistent film thickness, enable ESE Coatings when laminated to pass all testing criteria for the glass industry.

Range of Products
A range of Organic Waterborne Polyurethane products have been developed and customized to meet the needs of the glass machinery processing and application industry. These coatings have been developed to meet the stringent factory coating requirements on glass and also help improve production and productivity.

ESE1000 series of coatings solutions includes Spray CoatRoller Coat, Curtain Coat,  and Screen Print products available in an unlimited range of colors and finishes to satisfy the requirements of all Designers and Architects in the market.

These finishes are achieved by combining custom designed bases with advanced colorants and pigments to achieve the designed effects. The following finishes are available for full range of glass coating systems available:

Opaques - Three White Bases ( High, Medium and Low ) in varying levels of translucency are manufactured and designed to combine with 12 Colorants to achieve an unlimited range of Opaque colours.

Translucents -  A range of Translucent White Bases have been designed and manufactured by ESE Coatings to achieve an unlimited range of White Translucent finishes in any opacity.
The coating has been designed with excellent flow properties which allows for a perfectly uniform finish when applied by Spray, Roller or Screenprint.
When mixed with 12 Colourants an unlimited range of coloured Translucent finishes become available.

Transparents - A Clear Gloss coating has been designed and manufactured by ESE Coatings which when mixed with a unique range of UV stable, transparent Colorants results in a full range of high concentration, bright and vibrant transparent colors.
The Colourants when mixed and combined with the Clear Base give the designer an unlimited range of colors and finishes.
The resin has excellent flow properties which allows for a uniform, even finish.
The Transparent range of finishes can be achieved using the Spray, Roller and Screen Print systems.

Colorants - are inclusive of Black, Violet, Green, Blue, Red Oxide, Yellow Oxide, Lemon Yellow ………………...
The bases are high in solids and the colourants are also high in colorant concentration resulting in excellent coverage and opacity.

The coating has excellent chemical, scratch and marre resistance and can be used as a second surface option giving the custom more options than standard Sandblast and/or Acid Etch options.

ESE1000 can be applied using full range of finishing equipment and adaptable to variety of factory configurations. All Coatings can be cured by ambient cure or movement of air.
Forced cured by heat convention or IR on commercial ovens.

Hand Spray Guns-  An impervious, high solids coating is achieved from spray application using conventional and airless spray systems. The coating is extremely high in solids which allows for excellent coverage, increased production and efficient yields per square foot.

Automated Spray Machines-  A high solids coating has been specifically manufactured for machine production. High in solids and able to be resistant to extreme heat when wet, the coating is excellent for fast production on automatic spray lines. Using IR or Conventional heat the coated glass can be packed quickly and efficiently off the production line due to its curing capabilities.

Roll Coating Machines-  An Organic coating custom manufactured for use on a Roller Coat line has been developed by ESE Coatings. High in solids with exceptional coverage and manufactured to stay open, the coating can be used in production without drying and damaging the roller frame and cover.
The Coating has excellent flow properties, which result in a consistently smooth finish in production.
The coating can be fast cured at low temperatures for production which enables the client to also coat laminated and annealed glass.

The ability to utilize a High Performance Internal and External grade Organic coating opens up sales opportunities in the architectural market, by utilizing the Roller Coating line for Internal Architectural projects where sharpness and opacity of color is an issue for designers and architects.

Curtain Coating Machines -   The ESE Waterborne Curtain coating is manufactured to be high in solids which increases opacity and efficiency. The coating is designed to stay open in factory conditions without premature drying in tank or finishing equipment.
With excellent coverage and adhesive properties, the coating is tailor-made for high-speed production.

Screen Printing Machines -  An Organic Waterborne Coating has been custom manufactured for use in the Screen Print Industry. The coating stays wet for screening,  allowing for repeat production on screens and a coating when cured which provides excellent opacity and adhesive properties.The ESE Coatings provide a range of Inks at varying thicknesses to achieve a high build design.

Specialized Applications

ESE1000 can be used in range of specialized architectural glass applications to produce engineered products used in the building envelope.

Spandrel Coatings -  
An specially designed Organic Coating custom manufactured for the External Spandrel market has been developed by ESE Coatings. Available in Spray and Roller versions,  it is 100% Polyurethane Waterborne Coating using UV stable resins and colorants. It is manufactured as a flexible coating to endure cycles of thermal expansion and contraction, mechanical bending, water and chemical resistance. It has been designed to meet all requirements of an external coating in all weather conditions.

Laminated Glass 
All ESE Waterborne Glass Coatings are suitable for lamination when cured. The systems are compatible with PVB, EVA, Polyurethane Interlayer, Polyester Liquid Pour, Polyurethane Liquid Pour and SGP.

Insulated Glass .

Digital Printing

Texture Coatings

Metallic & Metalized Coatings
Four Silver bases are manufactured in varying degrees of brightness and fleck sizes to offer the customer a full range of Metallic Colors, Finishes and Shades.
These Silver bases are mixed with 12 Colorants to provide bright, sharp and an extensive range of finishes.
Silver bases are manufactured with high levels of Metallic Paste which result in a range of finishes which are high in opacity and consequently protect the coating from shadowing from adhesives in installation.
Coating is fast curing which allows for maximum production.
The Metallic base has been manufactured to allow for easy spray with excellent flow which results in an even coating with no patchiness and/ or spray lines from spraying or gun issues.
The Metallic finish is a two part system with a backing coat to protect the Metallic coating and also give the coating full opacity and reflection.

Pearlescents -  
An extensive range of Pearlescent Powders can be mixed with the ESE Coatings Gloss Clear Base to achieve an unlimited range of Colours and Shades.
The Coating is designed to maximize the reflection of the pearls to offer a comprehensive range of effects. The Clear base has been structured which helps keep the Pearlescent Powder in suspension and results in the finished coating being sprayed evenly across the sheet of glass. System is a two part system with a backing coat applied to accentuate the pearl effect and give the finished panel an opaque appearance.

Signage & Graphic Imaging