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ESE 1000 is a Water-Base Color Coating system

specifically designed for decorative glass finishing. The system is a product of experience of 20 years providing a series of products, starting with solvent based coatings and now water based coatings used in architectural glass industry. The water based system is result of years of development and continuous product improvement to achieve maximum performance from hand-spray to automated production.

ESE Coatings Manufactures its Products in Factory HERE in U.S.

shipping only the highest quality materials. Minimal lead-time shipping from stock by motor freight or package service.

Complete Range of Finish Options ESE 1000

System is capable of producing opaque, translucent, transparent, metallic and pearlescent finishes, in a full range of custom colors.

Superior Coverage

The systems opaque bases provide are designed to provide excellent opacity at 5-6mil coating thickness and have high solid content that provides exceptional coverage. Up to 160 square feet per gallon of paint.

Superior Performance

The system is a water-base polyurethane specially designed for decoration of glass. Coverage, adhesion and superior mechanical and chemical properties will assure a long lasting quality finish.

Laboratory Testing

Glass coating system has been tested by independent laboratory and approved for architectural use and has excellent adhesion, and has been proven resistant to scratches as well as exposure to UV radiation, chemicals, and moisture. Architects and Designers now have the ability to specify a water-based, air dry coating system on glass and still be confident of long term stability.


Coating can fully pass lamination testing without edge deletion with PVB, EVA, SGP, Polyurethane thermo-plastic interlayers, as well as both polyester and polyurethane resin pour interlayers.


approved for use in external applications with 10 year warranty.

Environmentally Friendly

– the system has near Zero VOC and is BPA, Prop 65 Compliant, APE-Free in content. In the factory, system can be utilized as an alternative to existing solvent system providing compliance with green building standards for projects or to address the trend of tightening government regulation on use of solvent based products and complies with all the latest standards in sustainability.

In-Plant Flexibility

- system as an alternative or supplement to existing solvent based glass coating systems currently in use. Water base system can be used with your existing spray equipment in conjunction with other coatings. With proper procedure, applying either solvent base or water base paints on existing equipment is not an issue. Coating can be applied using hand-spray, automatic spray machine, using conventional, airless, or air-assisted airless guns. Coating can be applied using rollcoater, or screen printing machines as well.

Flexibility in Curing

– coatings can be force cured using range of ovens available in industry. Forced curing is not required. Ambient air drying can produce equivalent coating. Capable of hard bake of coatings up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Complete Range of Applications

- Because the coating is a water-base polyurethane, glass panels are suitable for use in both interior and exterior applications. Unlike other glass coating systems, the products resistance to moisture and solvents allow coating to be used on interior or exterior applications with exposure to regular moisture.

Accurate Color Matching

– Color database utilizes computerized color matching system provide accurate formulas for custom color matching requirements. Color palettes can be accurately matched to provide formulas to match colors in an existing product line.

Shelf/Pot Life

– 1 year from opening of the container with a minimum 1 month pot life of mixed paint.

Low Cost of Entry

– flexibility in equipment required to startup. We can help with range of options for setup with special pricing established with equipment partners. Dispenser, mixers, scales, paint guns, booths, in-house color matching, automatic sprayers, curing ovens, storage racks, etc….

Architectural Sales Assistance

– We want to help drive sales to our customers. Will provide leads for projects having back painted glass specifications.

Spray Masking

- Stencils for spray will not lift during removal and produces clean lines with no lifting/de-lamination of coating after curing time of 24 hours.


- Full fabrication in 24 hours after air dry or immediately with force cure.

Buy North America

- No need for compromising on product performance or availability of stock. We are the only comparable product that is 100% made in the U.S.A. Our factory distribution and warehouses are located to provide 1-2 day motor freight or package service away from most locations! No containers from Europe or cross border shipments.